Rumor Mill 7-12-11:HHN,HOS and MORE!

Rumor Mill 7-12-11:HHN,HOS and MORE!


Rumors are crazy things. They start out small-like whispers in the cold of night and build. Slowly at first, then they take off and before you know it they have a life of their own. Some rumors end up as just that…rumors. Others turn out to have some inkling of truth. There is one thing about them though, they certainly give you something to talk about.

This edition we have a slew of rumors from all over the place. We also have some hints, and some news. Most of the rumors this go round have to do with haunt season. Again, take everything you read in this column with a grain of salt,because if it’s not announced by the park…it’s not true.

Howl O Scream-BGT

There has been no official website update from the team at Howl O Scream in Tampa yet. However, that doesn’t stop the official teaser of the event, HOSInsider from posting his own little hints. I’ll give the hints that have given, then add my two cents. So far from the hints according to the Facebook Page are:

  • A house themed to something from the mind of Edgar Allen Poe-“Where’s Annabel Lee when you need her”. Annabel Lee was the last poem by Edgar Allen Poe written. It has to do with a man who’s one true love has died. Many say that Poe meant this as a tribute to his own wife Virginia who had died. While many hope for the Rave, or Tell Tale Heart..this could very well be an indication of a house in which a tortured soul mourns for his lost love. Given the underlying theme of revenge on love(Sylvie cut off the fingers of the guys who cheated on her!) last year, this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.
  • “Okay – so take the two scariest things in the world that start with V (no, Vayne isn’t one of them…) and put them together into one haunted house. What does that get you?” Vegas Vampires. It would seem that the perrenial favorite, Taste of Blood is coming back, only instead of the sewers, they’ll be taking refuge in a casino. I like it, it gives so many excuses for sinful behavior. The one thing that many people are reading from it are “THEY’RE COPYING HHN!” Reminder, the HHN theme seems to be 21, blackjack…or a gambler…or something we’ll talk about later.
  • Something Like Alone will return-That was a response to a question on the Facebook page. It’s a no brainer. Alone sold out every single night last year, or just about. Hopefully this year BGT won’t be such “conservationists” and recycle that house. A lot of people didn’t see it because of the extra cost, but that’s no excuse to re do it. If you want to make Alone part of the line up, have it as a no charge house…but on a first come first serve basis.

Rumors-These are just here-say and not confirmed at all by the park.

  • No Scream Cam-Every year BGT has strapped on a camera on members of the Media and selected guests to walk through a house. You could see people either go stone faced through, or freak out and run through it. Some were funny..some were lame. This year the rumor is that there will be no Scream Cam. Personally I’m up for a media only night the Thursday before the event opens…but that’s me.
  • New Houses-This year the rumors are running rampant, and no one can agree. We know there are at least two new houses…but it could be as many as five. The houses that SHOULD be gone are Taste of Blood,My X,Trapped in the Walls, and Reconstruction.
  • All new Scare Zones-Last year the Scare zones revolved around My X, so it would make perfect sense that there will be new zones this year.
  • Animal Interactions-They will release tigers into the park at closing. If you’re still there, you’ll be dinner….

Halloween Horror Nights – Universal Orlando

There has been an official webpage update to the HHN website so far this year. And this year looks to be a doozy. 21 years, that can only mean..Black Jack! Guests will press their luck with this year’s Icon.

Rumors-These are just here-say and not confirmed at all by the park

  • Icon-Screamscape reports Lady Luck. Others report a gambler. Seems like a great fit either way. A gambler or Lady Luck comes to you with your inner most desires. You can make a will only cost you your soul. Take the bet, but remember..the house always wins. And when you lose, the Icon takes your soul and traps them within the cards\
  • Houses-It’s been said there will be eight houses again this year, being all in the regular places. However, there is rumor of the ever looming 9th house…or extreme house. This was admittedly something Universal wanted to do, but never could. With the success of Alone, could they finally have the motivation they need?
  • Characters-This is very much wishful thinking, but something that makes sense. There will be no familiar characters at the event this year. There will be however 54 new ones. Each character representing a trapped soul.
  • Experiences-When you add up all the new houses, zones and shows..there will be 21 total experiences. I don’t see that being the case unless of course they count the rides as well.
  • Show-Bill and Ted will return, so will Brian Brushwood. Both will have all new shows, and have new tricks up their sleeves. There will also be a show that ushers in the Icon and possibly a concert by a band with a CD out this year that has something to do with the event….Maybe by Midnight we’ll be able to Syndicate this thing?
  • Chainsaws will be scaled back-A staple of HHN for all 20 years, the Chainsaw Drill Team will not be as present. Could crowds be getting sick of Chainsaws? Doubtful…but there are whispers that there won’t be any saws at all. If there are, they will be scaled down from last years nearly 50.

Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood

I don’t know terribly much about this event, having never been. And details are scarce…but the official HHN twitter has been giving out clues all summer. Rumors are pointing to a house created by Eli Roth Director of Cabin Fever and the Hostel films who is also judging the short horror film contest. Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 corpses is said to be coming back as well.

BGW General Rumors

There is so much going on with the park, that it’s no wonder rumors are swirling. Mach Tower was originally slated to be opened May 27th and is still not open yet due to “issues”.
  • Howl O Scream may be scaled back due to construction. The area that housed a few of the Festhaus park houses like Bitten and Hunted will not be used due to construction. However, there may be a house constructed behind the Festhaus itself.
  • Cursed may be getting a facelift, or may not return at all
  • Monster Stomp is rumored to be replaced by another version of the show…or something else altogether.  This has proven to be false, as the official BGW HOS site has confirmed, Monster Stomp is returning.
  • The area under Pompeii has recently seen a lot of work being done to it. If you remember, that area is where Curse of Pompeii has been located for years. Could it be getting an upgrade?
  • Sesame Street Christmas and Rejoice both will not be returning to Christmas Town this year. No idea what could be replacing it.
That wraps it up! We must remind you that none of this information is legit, it’s all rumors. The parks have not confirmed anything, and until they’s just fun stuff to talk about.


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