Verbolten to race into Busch Gardens Williamsburg for 2012 season

Passholders flocked into Das Festhaus in the Oktoberfest section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the big announcement. Something huge is coming, that’s apparent from the huge hole in the ground and the massive amounts of work going in around the former Big Bad Wolf site. But exactly what was unknown. Saturday, the park revealed the details via a huge announcement.

Not a whole lot has been revealed about Verbolten. It will replace Big Bad Wolf as a family coaster in the park with a height restriction of just 48 inches. There will be two high speed launches, with the fastest reaching a top speed of 53 mph. The trains will hold up to 16 riders per train, and will use only lap bars. This differs greatly from the latest launch coaster at sister park Busch Gardens Tampa which uses over the shoulder restraints. The manufacturer, the German Company Zierer, is no stranger to Busch Gardens or Sea World parks with four coasters in their parks already. Air Grover, Grover’s Alpine Express and the two Shamu Express coasters are family favorites already. However, the coaster manufacturer also has a reputation for larger rides as well.

The most welcome part of news is that they will use the exact same drop into the Rhine River that the Big Bad Wolf was loved for. As for the theme, via a  Youtube video, the 3 1/2 minute ride will take you through an accidental run through the Black Forest. You will encounter changes in weather, darkness and many special elements. The ride will be an indoor/outdoor coaster, with a large portion, as well as a launch, taking place in a building.

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