Rock n Roller Coaster preshow gets adjusted at Walt Disney World

Rock n Roller Coaster preshow gets adjusted at Walt Disney World


Let’s file this under silly. Rock n Roller Coaster has been around since 1999, that’s 17 full years of Steven Tyler looking into the audience with his hand over his head and saying “Wait a minute…I love that idea”. No big deal, right? Well, we didn’t want to believe it, but apparently Disney has changed that scene, as of today. The picture above shows the queue a few years back. The video below shows the pre-show today.

Apparently Steven Tyler has been flashing a rude gesture on his head for 17 years. Here’s a close up picture of the video above.

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The company has digitally inserted another finger. Instead of holding up just three fingers, he now holds up five.
What was the issue? In a word…Shocker.
If you don’t know what Shocker is…we aren’t going to explain it, just be careful if you look it up. It’s definition is NSFW.
We aren’t sure why the change has happened, but we are betting that it has something to do with a parent who realized that the gesture is conceived as dirty, and complained. Keep in mind that this is something that has come about in Internet culture in roughly the last 10 years or so, and the scene was filmed over 17 years ago. Was it intentional? Probably not, but goes to show you that you can offend anyone with anything.

Is it silly? Yes, yes it is. Is it funny? Of course it is. But we couldn’t help but see just how silly it was for ourselves.
That’s your dose of silliness today!

Special thanks to Ben for the video and heads up!


Apparently Steven Tyler himself has weighed in on the change. He doesn’t seem too happy either.

He says “YOU KNOW I WOULD OWN UP TO THIS DOOZIE”, and frankly we believe him. The singer be making a stop in Tampa for his “Out on a Limb” tour.

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  • Rondalee Minch

    Somebody must have a really dirty mind to actually see that, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read about.

  • jbw9999

    America has been reduced to a bunch of overly sensitive wimps.

    If Hillary is elected, be ready for more of this times 1000.

  • Michael Gray

    I have found internet mentions of “The shocker” as far back as early 2000, 16 years ago, when the internet was just coming into widespread use and before this type of thing was talked about openly online in mainstream locations. That being said – it is truly not outside the realm of possibility that a man fully entrenched in the elite subculture of rock and roll at the time would throw up a dirty hand signal just to see if he could get it in there and laugh about it like a kid every time he thought about the millions of kids who had seen it as Disney. So it’s a little disingenious to pass this off as millenials seeing what they wanted to see or a helicopter mom (who probably wouldn’t know what it was anyway) being offended. Seriously who shields their eyes from glare without using their whole hand anyway. This was a prank that last almost 2 decades.

  • B.A.Z.

    Omfg, shut up.

  • John

    What an uneccessary comment to make.

  • Ryan S

    He’s not wrong. The irony is most Disney fans who are upset by this PC move from Disney are just going to support a political candidate who believes in an even more PC America, who refuses to even say basic words like “illegal immigrant” and “radical Islam”.

  • Ryan S

    Two for the pink, one for the stink.

    Honestly, I’ve never noticed it as the shocker, in the hundred times I’ve probably experienced this attraction, because it doesn’t even look malicious.

  • Ryan S

    Can’t handle truth, GTFO.

  • Ryan S

    Never underestimate the middle-America soccer mom in her plight to find all fault in the revolving world around her children.

  • John Howard

    And America is safe again.