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Cedar Point announces Steel Vengeance for 2018!

  National Roller Coaster Day was huge for Cedar Fair and Cedar Point especially. For nearly the past year, Cedar Point has been working on a brand new coaster for

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Cedar Fair Pulls Plug on FearVR After Complaints – Haunt Fans Outraged!

We’re walking a very thin line with this one, but everything about this scenario is infuriating to haunt fans. Just 2 weeks ago, Knott’s Berry Farm and California’s Great America

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Mass Effect video game based ride coming to Great America in 2016

We’ve said for a while now that Video Games are the next great frontier for theme parks and movies. Today’s announcement proves it, as California’s Great America is partnering with

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Knott’s Scary Farms “The Hanging” standing by offensive nature in latest show

The Hanging at Knott’s Scary Farm is an institution in Halloween theme park shows. The show has run since 1977, and has run as a spoof on pop culture since

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Valleyfair closes three attractions due to high flood water

Valleyfair, one of Cedar Fair’s theme parks, in Minnesota has announced that because of high flood water in the park, the park would be closing some of their attractions until

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Kings Dominion 2014 season kicks off celebrating the park’s 40th anniversary all season long

Kings Dominion just kicked off their 40th season this year. Kings Dominion just opened this past weekend to guests and guests who are going to visit can start planning their

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Kings Island completes track on Banshee roller coaster

Kings Island isn’t due to open for the 2014 season for a few more months. Since the park has closed after Halloween, construction crews have been working non – stop

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Kings Dominion announces special birthday bash for May 10th

Kings Dominion will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this season. Although the 2014 season has yet to start, Kings Dominion has already been revealing information on what special events will

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Banshee ready to have final pieces of track installed at Kings Island

Banshee, Kings Island’s newest roller coaster, is nearing completion. The final two pieces of track were delivered to Kings Island earlier this week and are almost ready to be installed.

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Photo: Final two pieces of track for Banshee arrive at Kings Island

The construction of the world’s longest inverted roller coaster, “Banshee,” is heading down the stretch. The final two pieces of track for the $24 million ride were delivered from Clermont