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Cedar Point announces Steel Vengeance for 2018!

  National Roller Coaster Day was huge for Cedar Fair and Cedar Point especially. For nearly the past year, Cedar Point has been working on a brand new coaster for

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Cedar Point teases #TheyreComing with new video of Mean Streak

Cedar Point is finally acknowledging that something is coming. Or, maybe two somethings? The coaster that was Mean Streak has been quickly taken over with a new structure and track

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Midnight Syndicate returns to Cedar Point for Halloweekends!

I first discovered Midnight Syndicate ten years ago. They’re music has been the soundtrack for countless haunted attractions, and in particular was a big part of Halloween Horror Nights in

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Go Cubs Go! Cedar Point to rename coaster in honor of World Series win

You can’t but help feel bad for Cleveland Indians fans. They took the World Series to ten innings in game 7, after losing the first game. They were favored to

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Cedar Point and Six Flags make World Series Bet!

  You can’t get a World Series with more on the line. Two teams who haven’t seen a World Series Championship are battling it out, with the Chicago Cubs hoping

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The Iron Revolution is coming to Cedar Point and Kings Dominion!

A few years ago, Rocky Mountain Coasters came out with this insane new idea. They could build a wooden structure, with steel reinforcements and rails, and come up with a

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Cedar Point to close Mean Streak in September!

  Mean Streak certainly lived up to it’s name. The wooden coaster was bumpy, mean and it was a hell of a ride. Cedar Point announced Monday that they will

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Cedar Point Closes Due To Severe Wind Damage to Nearby Power Lines

Cedar Point has been getting hit by some major storms of late and the most recent one was too much for the huge park to handle. The most recent storm

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Valravn isn’t the only big change to Cedar Point in 2016

Valravn is a pretty big deal for Cedar Point. The dive coaster will be the tallest of it’s kind in the world, and will be the first one opened in

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Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point rumored to be torn down

According to the Sandusky Register, the troubled water ride, Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point is being ripped down. The ride was built in 2010, but suffered an accident that