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D23 2017: New Spider-Man game coming exclusively to PS4 in 2018

There’s a new Spider-Man game coming, and it’s coming exclusively to PS4 Consoles in 2018. The new game was unveiled during the D23 Level Up panel, and features a new,

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D23 2017: First trailer for A Wrinkle in Time hits!

The first trailer for the young adult classic, A Wrinkle in Time has hit. We’ll have tons more from Disney D23 in the coming days, so stay tuned! Stay tuned

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D23 2017: Cast and release date announced for live action Dumbo remake as production begins

I’ve seen a dragon fly, I’ve seen a house fly…I’ve even seen a needle wink it’s eye. But I done about seen everything, when I see Tim Burton’s new movie

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D23 2017: Kingdom Hearts 3 details, plus Toy Story characters in the game!

  Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally hit store shelves next year. The new, long in development game, is finally getting a 2018 release date. What’s more, we know that Toy

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Awaken your inner Jedi with “Jedi Challenges” VR Game-Wield your own lightsaber!

  During the D23 video game panel, a surprise Star Wars game was announced. The new game, called Jedi Challenges is a partnership with Disney and Lenovo. The new game

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See a behind the scenes reel from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    An all new behind the scenes look at The Last Jedi has hit the web, and WOW. Here it is in the player below.   While there’s no

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D23 2017: Watch the D23 Live Video Game Stream

  D23 is rolling in full swing, and it continues today with the Disney video game panel. The panel will be live streaming in the player below.      

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D23 2017: Disney Legend Marty Sklar weighs in on new Pirates scene controversy

We wants the redhead! You can’t have her, not anymore! Disney is changing a piece of Pirates of the Caribbean at all it’s parks, and it’s causing quite the controversy.

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D23 2017: Star Wars booth pays tribute to the past while looking towards the future

  Disney is telling a Galaxy of Stories with their huge D23 Booth this year. The booth showcases not only the massive new Star Wars Land, but really focuses on


D23 2017: Get a quick glimpse at Wreck-it Ralph 2

Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet is one of my most anticipated movies in the next year. We already know that it’s going to have EVERY Disney Princess ever,