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How Halloween Time Revved-Up Cars Land with ‘Haul-O-Ween’

Halloween has passed and we’re slowly inching our ways to colder days, longer nights and the Christmas season. However, with Halloween still fresh in everyone’s mind, we thought we’d look

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Happy Halloween-Go to the Villains Pub with Pennywise

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody hates your face! Now, imagine that to the tune of the Cheers theme, and you’ve got the opening for Villains Pub from the

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You can be Sweetums with this amazing Muppet costume

Are you a man, or are you a muppet. Now you can either be a manly Muppet or a Muppet of a man with an all new, wearable, handcrafted Sweetums

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The Best Halloween Sweets & Treats You’ll Find at the Disneyland Resort!

Halloween is just around the corner, but it’s never to early to get your treat on at the Disneyland Resort. Within the parks you’ll find festive offerings celebrating both Halloween

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Video-David Pumpkins teases animated special

    A teaser for the all new David S. Pumpkins Halloween special is now online…I’m sure there will be plenty of questions. The new special will air on Saturday

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Max Landis wants a movie where Freddy, Jason and Chucky are heroes!

We love our bad guys. Freddy, Jason, Chucky are the evil bastards that we live to root for, even though we know they can’t win. But what if they can

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Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Offers Fun for the Whole Family

  One of the hardest Halloween Ticket’s to get in Southern California is Mickey’s Halloween party. Notorious for selling out before October even hits, the event has become a popular

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His own thing-David Pumpkins comes to Tussauds Orlando for Halloween!

  He’s David S. Pumpkins, and he’s his own thing man, and now thanks to a quick redress at Madam Tussauds Orlando, you can be…part of it!   Video-David Pumpkins

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Nowhere to Hide: Busch Gardens Tampa’s Howl O Scream delivers biggest year yet

Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa is running full blast with their biggest and meanest line up in it’s 18 year history. The event has seen it’s share of

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Experience a look into ‘The World of COCO’ at Disney California Adventure this Halloween Season

When it comes to celebrating Halloween in California, nothing is complete without the spirit of Dia De Los Muertos. With Disney / Pixar’s upcoming film COCO, the perfect opportunity has