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How two of Japan’s worst earthquakes influenced the strangest attraction. A public bath rollercoaster.

With an title like that I'm sure your thinking how the heck are these two things connected. To answer that we have to go back in time the day of

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Nintendo themed bar sparks imagination on what Super Nintendo World will be.

Imagine walking down a semi abandoned street in the heart of a major city and stretching to look up to a high rise and the name of a bar called

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D23 Expo Returns to Japan in Feburary 2018

While fans state side gear up for the 5th D23 Expo to hit Anaheim in less than 4 months, it looks like fans will be getting a double dose of

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Can you name this roller coaster? The answer may surprise you.

STOP Look at the picture above and leave a comment below on what rollercoaster this is with out reading the rest of the article and come back here when your

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Strange sights from around the world: The Hell Shrine

Have you ever been to a haunted house, that had an alternate purpose”? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably don’t live in the bible belt

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Finding the Nintendo HQ and birthplace of Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan.

When you think about Japan you might think about Tokyo, Anime, Mount Fuji, Ninjas and if you were born in the 1980’s Nintendo. And you’d think that Nintendo one of

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Strange sights from around the world: The Haunted House at Nagashima Spaland

    So your in a theme park and someone comes up to you and says, ”Psst, want to see something crazy.” As the person raises his eyebrows excitedly. First

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Merlin Entertainment announces LEGOLAND Japan theme park for 2017

Merlin Entertainment announced this morning that they will soon be opening another Legoland theme park. The new park will be opening in Nagoya, Japan in the second quarter of 2017.

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Harry Potter and the long broom ride to Japan

Harry Potter is going to Japan. The hit theme park attraction that started in Orlando is going to be heading straight to Universal Studios Japan for a very tight 2014


Thrill Daily News – 11/29/10

Alabama Adventure The park has announced the name of their chute-the-chute attraction coming in 2011: BuzzSaw Falls.