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SeaWorld and Ocearch join forces to bring more protection to oceans

Today marks the official kick off of a partnership between two conservation leaders that is focused on the global protection of marine animals and the world’s oceans. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.,

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Will SeaWorld ever be allowed to return trainers to the water?

On February 24th, 2010 SeaWorld Orlando Trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by the largest Killer Whale to ever be in captivity at any park in the world, Tilikum. The world

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SeaWorld reports another drop in attendance and profit for 3rd quarter

  Another quarterly report, another report of losses as SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment struggles to find their foothold. On Tuesday SEAS reported their losses for the 3rd quarter of 2017

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Op-Ed:Partnering with Animals Rights ensures extinction of zoos and aquariums

Recently, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an organization whose members I have proudly promoted and defended locally and nationally in good times and in bad for more than

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SeaWorld hires Evercore Partners as advisers-What could this mean for the future

On Monday it was reported that SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment has hired a second advisor to help bring the company around. Evercore Partners is a firm that specializes in mergers,

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Theme Park Wars: Where will Disney’s announcements take parks like Universal and SeaWorld?

Universal has awakened the sleeping giant, and that giant has a big one aimed right at the theme park industry. Since 2010 Universal has led the charge in the theme

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SeaWorld shareholders oust Chairman David D’Alessandro

  Shareholders on Wednesday voted against the re-election of Charmain David D’Alessandro, after shareholders pretty much revolted against a bonus and incentive payout. D’Alessandro received more “withhold” votes than “for” votes at

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Sesame Street and SeaWorld announce new lands and parks by 2022

SeaWorld and Sesame Street have just announced a partnership to keep the characters and shows from the Sesame Workshop series. Even more, the characters will be part of an all

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SeaWorld 1st quarter attendance report shows huge dip for first part of 2017

SeaWorld Orlando announced their first quarter results on Tuesday morning, with a huge dip in both earnings and attendance company wide. Here are a few of the key points of

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SeaWorld enters long term investment with Zhonghong Group

SeaWorld Entertainment announced today that they would be entering an agreement with the Zhonghong Group to help develop strategic growth opportunities in the leisure, tourism and culture industries. Zhonghong Group