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SeaWorld Orlando’s Wild Days reminds us that we really need more parks like SeaWorld

Yes, you’ve heard bad things about SeaWorld. It was in a movie, so it has to be true, right? Well, unfortunately SeaWorld has been the target of a huge smear

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The Holidays Remain Bright at SeaWorld San Diego in 2015!

The holiday season is time for friends and foes to look past their differences, and celebrate, thank and love one another. It’s a festive time for tons of delicious food,

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SeaWorld San Diego welcomes new baby as Killer Whale gives birth

SeaWorld San Diego has a new bouncing baby whale, as Kalia, the 10 year old Orca gave birth after about 17 months of pregnancy. The whale was born on Tuesday,

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Christmas Triumphantly Returns to SeaWorld San Diego with New and Classic Offerings for 2014

Christmas, a time of celebration and giving, filled with joy, laughter, family, lights and music. Aspects of the holiday season which are all represented at SeaWorld San Diego’s Christmas Celebration this


New Dine With Shamu Halloween Spooktacular Brunch experience coming to SeaWorld Orlando in October

October is almost upon up and you know what that means? The Halloween fun will be in full swing at many theme parks and many haunted attractions. SeaWorld is no

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SeaWorld San Antonio heats up the Summer with Summer Nights, kicking off June 14th

SeaWorld San Antonio is getting ready to heat this summer up with their annual Summer event, Summer Nights. During Summer Nights, SeaWorld San Antonio offers a plethora of fun and things

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Wild Days at SeaWorld Orlando kicking off January 11th

SeaWorld Orlando is kicking of 2014 with a brand new event that is sure to connect you even deeper to the world we share. Wild Days will kick off this

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SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration kicks off at SeaWorld Orlando on November 23

Halloween just ended last week and Christmas is just around the corner! Many Christmas events in Orlando will be kicking off this month, including SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

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SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment announces ‘Sea of Surprises’ float for Macy’s Day Parade

SeaWorld will be celebrating 50 years in 2014 between their parks in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego. Sea of Surprises is a year and a half long celebration that will

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Newborn Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego is Named!

Baby Shamu has a name! Thanks to nearly 12,000 fans on SeaWorld’s Facebook page, the name for Baby Shamu (born on Feb. 14 of this year at SeaWorld San Diego)has