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The first gallery from San Diego Comic Con is here!

San Diego Comic Con kicked off Wednesday night with a special preview of the event. We had the chance to walk around the show floor and check out some of

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SDCC 2016: Justice League teaser hits, and it’s promising!

Say what you want about Batman v Superman. It was a mess. No denying it, but there was something special there underneath all the hype and mess. It could have

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Legendary confirms Godzilla vs. King Kong in 2020

Today Legendary and Warner Brothers announced that the larger than life monsters will be connected in one universe through two separate film franchises, that will ultimately lead to a huge

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Joke is on you! Comic Con Suicide Squad Trailer hits the web!

Sure, they’re the patzi’s, but man do they look cool! After steady leaks all over the web, Warner Brothers has decided to go ahead and release the full resolution Suicide

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SDCC 2015: I’m not gonna kill ya, just hurt ya real bad- Warner Bros. drops Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman and more!

San Diego Comic-Con was made for the Superheroes…and this year, for the super villains. The Warner Brothers panel just wrapped up, and while Batman vs. Superman, and The Man From


The Hobbit Begins Filming-Could this be the next big theme park attraction?

Warner Brothers have just sent out a press release announcing that Peter Jackson has indeed started filming the Hobbit. For all of you uninitiated and unfamiliar folks out there J.R.R.